Welcome to the Email Administration Utilities Webpage, the main purpose of this page is to help people understand what the purpose of this project is all about. The Mailadmin project was originally designed to help owners of domains that were hosted by Hub.Org Networking Services. The company wanted users to be able to create, remove or modify email accounts when ever they wanted, giving them a quicker turnaround for Mail Administration Purposes.

As the utility was developed, tested and matured into what it is today, many users requested more features or contributed reports of issues to help improve the utilities stability. Hub.Org has given me permission to release the utility as an Open Source package so that others may also benifit from the simplicity that the Mailadmin utility offers to those who need complete control over email accounts.

With this in mind, I intend to continue development by adding new features as they are requested and fix any issues that may pop up. The more users who use and test the features that the Mailadmin utility offers will help to improve the functionality offered by Mailadmin. I have opened a Sourceforge account to help manage the development and releases of the utility as it matures into what users and developers see the Mailadmin to be.

Project News

New Doc Writer
    morthoron - 2002-04-14 17:28   -   Email Administration Utility
Hi All,

I realize that I have been quiet of the last little while, things have been hectic at work. I am proud to be bringing Neil Schneider onboard as a doc writer.
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New Developer.
    morthoron - 2001-07-17 17:13   -   Email Administration Utility
I'd like to welcome onboard Robert Smith, he's going to be helping "color coordinate" everything as well as design some graphics to help spruce up the system a little bit, at least initially. Down the road he will be helping out with some other aspects of the project so that we can make excellent use of his skills. Welcome aboard Robert!
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mailadmin-1.5.1 Released
    morthoron - 2001-07-03 19:38   -   Email Administration Utility
Mailadmin 1.5.1 is a small step forward to creating a better Email Account Administration Utility. This version brings PostgreSQL database integration, transaction log system, Account tracking system, all new view account screen, a more user friendly list users screen and a cleaner login system. There are a few minor updates and a major bug fix that was included in this release as well.
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mailadmin-1.5.1-pre2 Released
    morthoron - 2001-06-30 12:05   -   Email Administration Utility
I have released a pre2 for 1.5.1 which contains a transaction log view, plus all other features that were added to version 1.5.1-pre1. If there are no issues reported with this release in about a week, I will release this as the official 1.5.1 release.
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New Documentation Catagory
    morthoron - 2001-06-22 18:03   -   Email Administration Utility
I have been able to add a new documentation catagory. The 'Online Help' catagory is used for general online help pages that may also be found in the utility.
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